Driving Without Registration in Elizabeth City

The law requires drivers to register any vehicle they intend to operate on a public road or highway. Despite this requirement, countless individuals operate cars or trucks with expired registrations every day. This is done for a variety of reasons, including forgetting about the need to update their registration or intentionally avoiding it due to the costs.

If you have been accused of driving without registration in Elizabeth City, you have the right to seek guidance from a skilled attorney. In some situations, it is possible to beat these charges and avoid the penalties that follow a conviction. A dedicated traffic attorney can help you resolve your citation.

Penalties for Expired Tags

Driving a vehicle without a valid registration is a criminal offense in Elizabeth City, regardless of the circumstances. The same penalties can apply whether a vehicle’s tags expired or if the vehicle was never registered at all. This violation is treated as a Class 3 misdemeanor under the law in North Carolina.

This is the least serious category of misdemeanor, but that does not mean the consequences of a conviction are meaningless. If found guilty, a motorist could face as much as 20 days in county jail. There is also a maximum fine of $200. Individuals without notable criminal records enjoy protections under the law that prevent a sentence that includes jail time.

Expired Tags and Traffic Stops

The police need a valid reason to pull a driver over. Unfortunately, for motorists who fail to renew their registration, having expired tags on their vehicle is enough for a valid traffic stop. When this happens, a ticket could be issued in Elizabeth City for driving without updated registration.

Talk to an Attorney in Elizabeth City About Driving Without Registration

It might be tempting to resolve this issue on your own in an effort to save money on legal fees. However, the risks associated with this approach might not be immediately obvious. An attorney can help a driver avoid the pitfalls that come with acting as their own legal counsel.

If you have been accused of driving without registration in Elizabeth City, now is the time to talk to a lawyer. Call Parks Zeigler, PLLC, today for your free consultation.

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