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When you or a loved one are in need of legal services, it can often be a daunting task to try to figure out your rights and find a qualified attorney to represent you. Often that need arises during a period of stress, fear, and emotional strain as you try to not only deal with the law, but also the repercussions of the accident or situation causing the legal issue. While an attorney may not be able to solve all of your problems overnight, the right legal professional will understand your fears and concerns and help alleviate the burden of navigating the often complex areas of Virginia law.

When dealing with a Virginia domestic relations mattercredit report fraud, small business issues or vehicle accident injury concern, the first and most important step that a person should take is to contact a qualified attorney. Parks Zeigler, PLLC is a technology-driven, family-oriented law firm that offers a personal touch while helping to resolve your legal problems.

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Parks Zeigler, PLLC offers easy to understand fee structures so that you will never be taken by surprise when you receive our invoices:

  • We will handle most Hampton Roads personal injury cases, including motor vehicle accidents, on a contingency fee basis. Put simply, you will not pay us any fee if we do not win your case.
  • Our Virginia family law cases are billed at an hourly rate.  This fee structure also applies to other general civil litigation matters outside of domestic relations.
  • Credit reporting lawsuits are taken on a contingency fee basis, with the firm’s recovery being the greater of (1) a percentage of the recovery or (2) attorney’s fees awarded, whichever is greater. Should potential clients not wish to initiate the dispute(s) with the credit reporting agencies (a necessary step to proceed to litigation) themselves, we will assist in the process for a one-time flat fee.
  • Businesses have different needs, for which we provide tailored solutions. We offer the business owner the flexibility to choose flat-fee, hourly, or a hybrid of both depending on the scope of work and client preference.

By being clear about our fees up front, we aim to relieve our clients of the stress of worrying about what their invoices will look like.

Why choose us rather than another Virginia lawyer?

1. We have our fingers on the pulse of modern technology and we put it to use for your benefit.

Unlike many other law firms, we embrace modern technology and understand its benefits. We are proud to utilize technology to improve organization, efficiency, and ease of access for our clients. Our office is a “paperless” office, which, coupled with cloud-based systems, enables our clients to access their files at any time in a secure and private online environment.

2. We are a family-oriented business.

Parks Zeigler, PLLC is a family affair - The firm began as the Law Office of Kellam T. Parks, PLLC, with Kellam Parks as the managing attorney and Deborah, his sister, as the firm administrator.  Brandon Zeigler came aboard as Kellam's partner - he and Kellam previously practiced together at two other firms over the last 15 years and are close friends. The high level of trust between the members of the firm is a unique advantage that we offer our clients. We understand all of our strengths and we put those strengths to work for you.  We understand the importance of having family help family and we are here to help. Your problems are personal to us.

3. We have decades of experience handling Virginia legal matters.

Virginia law is complex. With over decades of experience, litigating for both plaintiffs and defendants on a wide-variety of civil matters, our attorneys are well versed in the idiosyncrasies of the law from all perspectives.


Practice Areas

Family law is where we find good people in very stressful situations. Our team of attorneys and paralegals have years of experience to help you manage the stress and uncertainty that comes with the breakup of the family unit and address the issues that exist after.   We are also well-trained to the specific considerations that come with military divorce.  Having practiced our entire careers in Hampton Roads, we have decades of experience handling cases as our foundation and we take consistent steps to stay current with the changing landscape of laws, rules, and regulations as it applies to our military members and their spouses.

We can provide an experienced Virginia family law attorney to help you address your issues.  We handle all of the following areas:

  • Custody
  • Visitation
  • Divorce
  • Military Family Law
  • Pre-Marital Agreements (“Pre-Nups”)
  • Post-Marital Agreements (“Post-Nups”)
  • Property Settlement Agreements (“Separation Agreements”)
  • Support (Child & Spousal)
  • Grandparent Rights
  • Gay Marriage
  • LGBTQ Matters

Today, more than ever, a good credit report is essential.  Unfortunately, wrong information in credit reports is common, whether caused by error or by fraud/identity theft.  Taking the proper steps to dispute credit issues is crucial. The Fair Credit Reporting Act, the federal law controlling this area, is complex.  Kellam T. Parks, the principal handling this area of the law, has years of experience in this area, having started defending a regional credit reporting agency.  He now brings that expertise to representing consumers against credit agencies and creditors to ensure your credit report is accurate.  We handle all of the following areas:

The backbone of the American economy is small business.  Brandon H. Zeigler, the principal handling this area of law, is himself the owner of three small businesses, and knows first-hand the issues that need to be addressed in forming and running a company.   He enjoys working with small business owners to ensure they have the correct documents, contracts, leases, manuals, and protocols when needed. The biggest service we offer is to be available to consult when that random question presents itself.  In areas where we are not licensed (e.g. insurance) or have expertise (e.g. tax), we have associated with local experts who share our desire to help small business owners.  We arrange meetings in our office so our clients only have to step away from their work once and we work with these specialists as a team to get the right fit for your business.   We handle all of the following areas:

  • Business formations and incorporation (Inc, LLC, LLP)
  • Draft partnership documents
  • Draft by-laws or operating agreements
  • Serve as registered agent
  • Be part of the business owner’s professional team and lead resource
  • Joint Venture documents
  • Business Transactions – purchase and sales agreement, mergers, dissolutions.
  • Business litigation/stockholder/stakeholder disputes
  • Assist in the negotiations of lease or purchase. 

When injured due to someone else’s acts, you need an experienced trial attorney. Our attorneys have years of experience in all aspects of personal injury law. Our team includes a former defense attorney who, before joining our firm, was hired by the insurance companies to fight personal injury claims. We know the defense playbook to help maximize the chances of winning and maximizing recoveries. Our goal is to carry the burden and stress of our clients so that they can focus on getting healthy.

We handle all of the following areas:

  • Slip and Falls (“Premises Liability”)
  • Wrongful Death
  • Injuries from
  • Brain Injury


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