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While most people pay for their tickets when they receive a traffic citation, it is not always in their best interest to pay it. When you receive a traffic citation, it could impact your insurance, driving record, and more. When you pay a citation for speeding, running a stop sign, reckless driving, or any other traffic offense, you admit guilt to the violation; but you can challenge the ticket in court.

Contact an Elizabeth City traffic lawyer when you are cited for a traffic violation. We help our clients weigh the pros and cons of challenging a traffic offense and discuss the potential implications of having a violation on your driving record. Even if you believe you could be guilty of the offense, consulting an attorney can help you avoid adverse consequences. Our firm can help you get the penalty reduced or the charge dismissed together.

Types of Traffic Violations

Police can charge a driver with many different traffic violations. Some of the most common offenses include:

Although traffic citations are not particularly serious offenses, consulting an attorney before paying the ticket is beneficial. There are many factors to consider when you are attempting to challenge a traffic violation. Sometimes, it is easier to pay the ticket and move on. In other circumstances, there is an argument to dismiss the ticket altogether. Our Elizabeth City attorneys understand the state and local ordinances that govern traffic violations and can advise a driver on their options moving forward.

How Can a Lawyer Help With a Traffic Violation?

Pleading guilty to a traffic citation can mean fines, increased insurance premiums, license suspension, and points. When someone has more than seven points on their license in North Carolina, the court may order them to attend a driver’s education program.

An experienced lawyer in Elizabeth City can help drivers fight back against traffic citations by explaining their legal rights and options. We can also investigate the violation and identify valuable evidence to challenge the citation. Our team will handle the legal procedure and represent the driver in traffic court.

Speak to an Elizabeth City Traffic Attorney Today

You might have questions for an attorney when you are charged with a traffic violation. Our legal professionals handle many different types of traffic violations. Sometimes, tickets can be resolved online, by mail, or over the phone. If your case goes to traffic court, our attorneys can represent your interests.

When you are facing a traffic violation or ticket, speak to an Elizabeth City lawyer about how to challenge the offense. Hiring legal counsel to represent your interests is beneficial because you can avoid heavy fines and other penalties that accompany a traffic violation. Our attorneys can advise you of your legal rights and options. Contact an Elizabeth City traffic lawyer to learn more about challenging a traffic citation.

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