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It can be a life-changing experience when you are falsely accused of a domestic violence offense by someone you share a personal relationship with. You may be confused as to why this person would seek to tarnish your life, career, and family relationships.

In these situations, the most important thing to do is keep your distance from the accuser. Following the aftermath of this unfair situation, contact an Elizabeth City domestic violence lawyer. A dedicated criminal defense attorney can fight to protect your name, reputation, and rights against an accuser.

Personal Relationships and Domestic Violence

A person does not have to have actual physical contact with another to be charged with domestic violence. Under North Carolina General Statutes § 50B, a person can be accused of attempting to cause bodily injury, intentionally causing bodily injury, or putting a family or household in fear of imminent serious bodily injury or continued harassment. An Elizabeth City lawyer can help a person better understand how domestic violence law works and their rights.

An accuser is a person who has a personal relationship with the accused. This can be a spouse, intimate partner, or person who shared a home with the accused. However, this designation can be tricky in some situations. An attorney can help a person better understand when a situation involves a personal relationship.

Our team can find the holes in a story and help you to keep your name, reputation, and family relationships intact. This is especially important when the accuser asks the court to establish a protective order and issue a restraining order—which can restrict your everyday movement and ability to see your loved ones.

Typical Reasons for Domestic Violence Accusations

There can be many reasons for accusations against those accused of domestic violence. Here are some typical reasons why a person might make an accusation of domestic violence:

  • Disagreements over family court situations involving children
  • Dissolution of marriage situations
  • Intimate partners attempting to have the court award them property, money, and other assets in dispute
  • Assumptions of infidelity cause an accuser to make rash and unfair decisions

A domestic violence attorney in Elizabeth City can help those accused by preparing a comprehensive and sincere defense.

General Defenses to Domestic Violence Accusations

An expert Parks Zeigler lawyer is no stranger to preparing vigorous defenses in cases where a person is facing domestic violence charges. Some of the general defenses our attorneys use for those accused are lack of self-defense, the accused was trying to protect themselves, or the accusations are false misrepresentations and distortions of the truth.

Build a Defense by Calling an Elizabeth City Domestic Violence Attorney

When you are served a protective or restraining order in a domestic violence case, you should immediately contact an Elizabeth City domestic violence lawyer to help prepare your defense. Parks Zeigler, PLLC, has the experience and knowledge to help you restore your life and relationship with your family.

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