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People often become frightened or confused when they are arrested or learn they are under investigation for a crime. Taking the proper steps to protect yourself while cooperating with law enforcement can be challenging.

When you are arrested or under criminal investigation, your first step should be to contact a Chesapeake criminal defense lawyer. This should be done before making any statements to the police. A dedicated attorney can protect your rights and prepare an effective defense against any charges.

Our Firm Handles the Following Types of Criminal Law Cases

What to Do in Police Custody

A person can be detained by law enforcement in several ways.

Police may arrest a suspect during an encounter on the street or while conducting a traffic stop. Detectives or investigators may reach out to schedule an interview about an alleged crime. Sometimes, a person learns they are under investigation when law enforcement officers show up at their home or office with a search warrant.

In all cases, the less a suspect says, the better. Innocent people often believe they can explain their situation and the officers will understand, but that does not happen. Anyone suspected of a crime should contact a defense attorney in Chesapeake immediately and allow a legal professional to speak with the police.

Never answer a law enforcement officer’s questions—or sign anything—before getting the advice of an attorney. Although the police may try to discourage a person from seeking counsel, access to a lawyer is everyone’s legal right.

A Criminal Attorney Can Investigate the Crime

When the police identify a suspect for a crime, they focus on collecting evidence that proves the suspect is guilty. They often stop entertaining the possibility that someone else is the culprit.

A criminal defense attorney in Chesapeake can pursue leads that the police did not. They can find evidence the police ignored or overlooked – evidence that might tell a different story than the one the police believe. When the defense can show a crime may have happened differently, the prosecutor in the case may decide not to press charges. Getting the charges dismissed or never brought in the first place is always the goal of a defense attorney.

Building a Strong Defense

The conduct of the police in the case often provides an excellent defense against criminal charges. Sometimes law enforcement officials investigating or arresting a suspect do not honor the constitutional rights of that suspect. A legal professional can examine the conduct of law enforcement and ask the court to throw out evidence they obtained illegally.

Every crime has specific elements a prosecutor must prove to win a conviction. For example, to obtain a conviction for robbery a prosecutor must prove a defendant intentionally took by force the property of another person and intended to keep it from its rightful owner. The prosecutor has a weak case when the defense attorney can demonstrate:

  • The property belonged to the alleged suspect
  • The alleged robber had no intention of stealing the property
  • The alleged robber did not intend to keep the property from its true owner
  • The alleged robber did not use force

The defense attorney does not need to prove anything—just present enough evidence to raise doubts in the mind of the judge or jury.

Sometimes, compelling reasons exist to make a deal with prosecutors rather than take a case to trial. In that situation, a defense attorney can use their excellent negotiating skills to achieve the best possible outcome for the defendant in Chesapeake.

Contact a Chesapeake Criminal Defense Attorney for Help

When you are facing a criminal investigation or criminal charges, you need an experienced attorney to protect your rights. Parks Zeigler, PLLC’s Chesapeake criminal defense lawyers provide vigorous legal representation to people accused of crimes. Our legal professionals can be most effective when involved in a case early. Call today to discuss your defense options.

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