Vishing And The Alarming Statistics Of Mobile Scam Calls

Vishing And The Alarming Statistics Of Mobile Scam Calls

Scams Are Everywhere

It seems like two weeks can’t pass without hearing about new techniques scammers are using to try to take advantage of consumers. As the methods of scammers become more diverse and advanced, the rate of scam phone calls is increasing. Recently, new research found that over the last three years scam calls have increased by 350%, and that next year 50% of mobile calls in the US will be scam calls!  

What Is Vishing?

Artificial intelligence is increasingly relied upon to handle customer service tasks and they can sound very “human,” providing a false sense of security for people on the other end of the line. “Vishing” is a form of fraud that utilizes this type of technology to extract sensitive information from consumers. While many of us are familiar with robocalls and are able to recognize them, vishing can come across as a legitimate call. To be sure, vishing is not strictly automated, humans often call looking to steal information as well. 

Ignore Calls From Unknown Numbers

Importantly, these evolving techniques can make answering calls from unknown numbers riskier. Further, the increasing variety of methods which scammers obtain and exploit sensitive information of their victims makes it difficult, if not impossible, to protect yourself on all fronts. When it comes to phone scams, one of the most effective things you can do is to simply ignore calls from unfamiliar numbers. We’ll continue to keep you informed on new developments and scam methods so that you can best protect yourself.   

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