Our Experienced Virginia Attorneys Offer Three Helpful Tips To Maintain Cybersecurity

Our Experienced Virginia Attorneys Offer Three Helpful Tips To Maintain Cybersecurity

As Cybersecurity Awareness Month comes to an end, we want to emphasize three important points that you should remember moving forward — 

Cybersecurity Threats Are Constantly Evolving

The most difficult part about protecting yourself against cybersecurity threats is that they are always evolving. As software technologies advance, so do the methods thieves employ to steal information. When one security flaw is fixed, another opens up. The constant need to keep up with new threats is not something that the average person can do in he or her daily life. At the same time, our lives are increasingly dependent upon these very technologies that are vulnerable to theft. This brings us to the next point —


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The Best Way to Protect Yourself Is To Stay Vigilant & Informed

The good news is that cybersecurity awareness is increasing which means that there are more services and technologies being developed to help people stay informed and protect themselves. There are numerous services and resources available to help keep you informed:

  • Download the mobile phone apps (e.g. Identity Theft Resource Center app)
  • Join consumer-focused email subscription lists to receive the latest information regularly
  • Update software when your device tells you to, join web forums or Facebook groups, sign-up to receive our newsletter, etc.

These resources will help encourage good habits, keep you informed on steps you can take to increase protection and nurture a healthy critical awareness of best practices, threats, and warning signs that will help you and your family stay better protected.

You’re Not Alone

Despite the various methods cyberthieves develop, a constant vulnerability is user error or ignorance – and oftentimes the latter leads people not to disclose when they think they may have been taken advantage of because they are embarrassed. But they are not alone, and even the most security-savvy individuals have been hacked. Informing appropriate parties when you are a victim of a cybersecurity attack allows appropriate action to be taken in a timely manner, and it also leads to better protection for you and others in the future.

If you have any questions about cybersecurity best practices and information, we’re here to help – contact our experienced Virginia attorneys today!

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