Need a helpful attorney to assist you with your divorce/custody and/or support leg issues?

There is nothing that I can say that would do the representation I received from Mr. Zeigler and his firm justice. He was diligent in advising me of my rights and what steps I needed to take from the moment my former wife and I separated. And when I say from the moment, I mean that he took my call on no notice within 30 minutes of me leaving my marital residence and made sure that I did everything necessary to set myself up for success in my matter. From that point forward Mr. Zeigler made sure that the separation and divorce process was as smooth as it could be and also ensured that it disrupted my already stressful life as little as possible.

Mr. Zeigler and the rest of the team at P&Z have my utmost respect and deepest gratitude for the outstanding representation and support I received from him and his firm. I would highly recommend him as an attorney.

Jesse W of Virginia Beach