Look no further, hire Brandon!

Anyone who's been engulfed in a child custody litigation scenario knows and understands the emotional struggles that come along with it. Not only did I experience this, but my situation went on all the way through the Court of Appeals.

I found myself in front of multiple judges in multiple courtrooms facing everything from contempt of court charges to jail time.

Sitting next to Brandon during these hearings/trials gave me the ability to gut through them. I would not have handled these hearings very well otherwise. I say this because Brandon knows the law. He knows it backward, forwards and upside down and it's apparent that the judges know and respect this.

Brandon will not coddle you. He has a tough exterior, but inside the courtroom, his tough turns to unstoppable. He will use the law, every single letter of it, to right the wrongs.

His firm is fantastic. Everyone from the paralegals to the administrative staff. They'll treat you like family and are sensitive to the stress that comes along with feeling like you're unable to protect your child.

I HIGHLY recommend Brandon.