Need an attorney for fights for you?

“Kellam made the process of going to court as least stressful as possible for me. He handled my case regarding custody with my son as a top priority.  Kellam worked weekends and long nights in order to ensure we were prepared at all times.  When I had concerns about certain issues, he was able to communicate with me in a timely manner, whether by the phone, email, or in person.  Being that I live in Maryland, Kellam did an amazing job of keeping me constantly informed and aware of what he was doing and why.  He not only has great knowledge of the law but an ideal way of explaining things to a me so I could actually understand what was transpiring.  This I feel is very important because when your emotions and thoughts are going all over the place, confusing legal terms and 'law speak' only leads to you missing information.  I feel he truly has a passion for what he does and is not practicing law simply to run up your bill.  Billing was always fair and very detailed. Kellam Parks will continue to handle all my custody matters with my son as long as I have a need for a lawyer.” 

Chris P., Maryland [Chesapeake Case]