Honest, Timely, Responsive, Analytical

When I had a personal injury claim against the State of Virginia, I found it difficult to find an attorney willing to take my case…too difficult to sue the State and most likely not enough money to bother with. Even more difficult was the fact I lived in the Midwest. But after a phone conference, Mr. Littel agreed to take my case even though we were up against the statute of limitations and he sent me a contract as well as guidelines for the legal procedure via Clio Connect, a web-based client portal. I was more than pleased to find that David Littel practiced with complete transparency and honesty. He always took my phone calls or answered my e-mails. I was very impressed with his attention to detail, finding questionable statements that could be challenged. It provided me an opportunity to give an explanation eliminating a possible vulnerability. He settled the case for more than anyone anticipated and stood by his agreement. Although there were minor charges he could have added to the final bill, he did not. I would highly recommend David Littel. This is an endorsement I have not been able to make for many attorneys I have dealt with.

Evonne M.