I finally am divorced and have custody of my children.

There was a point in time when I felt like I was going to spend my life in separation limbo. I had spent five years fighting for the right to be a parent to my daughters and honestly, I had all but given up hope, hope that I would get to be the kind of dad I wanted to be, hope that we would be able to move on with our lives. I’d started to lose hope that I would get to have anything but this toxic back and forth with my ex from which I couldn’t escape. When I say that Allison changed my life, I mean that literally. Where I could see nothing outside of my own rawly scraped emotions and exhausting desperation, Allison’s knowledgeable professionalism was a life raft in a sea in which I felt like I had barely been treading water. She kept me calm and on track and ultimately guided me to something I never thought I would ever actually achieve--freedom. Even when my ex dropped a bomb on us at the eleventh hour, Allison nimbly sidestepped it and now I’m happy to say that I am finally divorced with the custody of my children I’d been fighting so hard for.  Thanks to her, my family and I can finally start moving forward.Kyle M.