Free Guide Helps You Understand The Process And Assists You In Gathering Information For Your Estate Plan

Estate Plan Client Worksheet

The 7 Steps To A Complete Estate Plan - Client Worksheet

The key to make a complete estate plan is preparation. Understanding the process, thinking through what you want, and gathering the necessary information is vital to success. We have created this guide to get you started and help you prepare for your meeting with our estate planning attorney. Prior to your consultation, we’ll send you an intake questionnaire that goes more in depth and provides questions about your estate planning goals and family.

One of the hardest decisions in estate planning is who to entrust with duties as your Executor, Trustee, Health Care Agent and Agent under a Durable Power of Attorney. You should choose people that are good with finances, who have the time to commit to the duties required, and that are willing to say “No” to other family members that overstep. If you choose joint agents, you should be sure that they can work together well and that geographical problems (one being far away) don’t hamper their ability to work together. You should also choose successors in the event that the person chosen does not have the time or the ability to act as your agent, Executor, or Trustee.

This guide will assist you in gathering information regarding who will be your agents & beneficiaries and to inventory your assets. You will need names, addresses, and phone numbers. Having complete information ahead of time will ensure that your consultation with us is focused on answering your questions and determining the best path forward to your complete estate plan.

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