Infidelity and Pokemon Go.

Posted on Jul 18, 2016

Pokemon GoAugmented reality, Geotagging, and Unwanted Surprises

Unless you’ve been on a media blackout, it’s safe to say that you’ve seen a number of posts about Pokemon GO, a new interactive game that can be played on your mobile device. Using your phone’s mapping technologies, the game leads players on a hunt for Pokemon characters through their real-life surroundings. This type of game is referred to as "augmented reality." As the game is played, it keeps track of where you’ve been. The search for Pokemon characters has led players to some pretty surprising, if not unsettling, discoveries (a Wyoming woman came upon a dead body while playing), and now the game has even led to a break-up!

Exposed by Pokemon GO!

The New York Post recently reported that a man was caught cheating on his girlfriend after she saw that he had nabbed a Pokemon character at his ex-girlfriend’s house.  We can add this to the growing list of unforeseen and unwanted activities revealed through social media platforms and website hacks. The prevalence of technology in all of its various forms has introduced a new dimension to the managing of relationships, romantic relationships in particular. The increased visibility, “geotagging,” and the surrendering of personal information in order to sign up for different platforms and services have made it easier to get caught when someone strays. This provides avenues for attorneys to explore when attempting to prove suspected infidelity or other bad behavior.

Social media has become an embedded part of everyday life, and users offer up personal information and engage in private conversations without much thought about how their activity is being monitored and archived.  Although time-consuming and expensive, in the right case we can partner with IT professionals to scour technology devices or dive deep into online social media and other cloud accounts to find evidence of wrongdoing.  Even without this course of action, as a standard procedure for all of our cases, we perform a social media search utilizing a paid service on the parties and suspected major players to ensure we have the information needed to fully represent our clients.  Preparation and being informed are key elements in successful cases.

Remember, the internet is forever.

Kellam T. Parks
Managing Member of Parks Zeigler, PLLC