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  • Online Shopping Tips for the Holidays Identity theft is a real threat for online shoppers. This article offers advice on how to help protect your personal information from digital thieves.
  • Supergirl Saves The Day Identity thief was tracked down and caught by investigators after he unknowingly used a photo of Supergirl to create a fake identity.
  • Infidelity and Pokemon Go. Experienced attorney Kellam T. Parks discusses how social media activity like Facebook posts or Pokemon GO geotagging data can influence legal cases.
  • 10th Annual Legal Food Frenzy Begins!!! Local Law Firms Compete to gather food and donations to assist in feeding local families in need.
  • Ashley Madison Data Breach Ashley Madison's site hack brings together two practice areas our legal firm assists client with resolving, credit report fraud and divorce.
  • Warning to Virginia Businesses Virginia Attorney Kellam T.Parks warns Virginia Businesses about Solicitations from “VIRGINIA COUNCIL FOR CORPORATIONS”