Don't give thieves reason to break into your car.

Posted on Feb 13, 2015

Car theft

Last month there was a night of multiple car break-ins at an apartment complex near Virginia Beach’s Town Center. At least five cars had windows smashed. It is not clear whether the criminals were after valuables or just making mischief, although one car owner says a broken iPhone was taken from his car. Each owner is now left with the cost of replacing car windows on top of any theft. Incidents like this highlight the decision of what we leave in our cars. Valuables (purses, wallets, phones, electronics, etc…) shouldn’t be kept in your vehicle, especially when the car will be left for long periods of time and never overnight. If valuables must be left, they should be hidden from sight. If you leave your purse or wallet in your car and it gets stolen, think of all the personal information contained there that the thief now has- credit, bank, insurance cards, and your driver’s license. The same is true with a phone, laptop, or other electronic devices- aside from the financial loss, any personal information it contains could be accessed by the thief. Beyond these items, there is the paperwork you may keep in the glove box- the car title and proof of insurance or car repair tickets all of which contain your personal information. Don’t give thieves any reason to break into your car.

In the event that your personal information is stolen, be sure to report it to the police, your bank and the three main credit bureaus. Should find your identity has been used for fraud, feel free to contact us for information and assistance.

Kellam T. Parks
Managing Member of Parks Zeigler, PLLC