We Guarantee the Following:

We Listen and We Respond

We listen to our clients.

It is your case. We are focused on achieving your goals and meeting your needs. 

We learn your goals by listening, by asking questions, and being prepared.  We assist in accomplishing your goals by providing an accurate picture of the law as it applies to your case.

We focus on a team approach at Parks Zeigler and can ensure that your matter receives constant attention, you will have consistent and timely communication from us and we are responsive to your needs. We want to "win," but you define what "winning" means.

Truth Will Be Told

Truth be told

We will always provide an honest assessment of your case, from the initial consult to the end.

Surprises often arise during the course of legal matters, but there should be no surprises between you and your law firm.

We provide open, honest communication with our clients.  We tell you everything you need to know to make informed decisions.

Your case will not settle nor go to trial with you having a misperception of the law or how it applies to your case.

Our Word is Our Bond

Our word is bond.

We do what we say we will do.  While we cannot guarantee a specific result, we can guarantee that we will always be prepared, be available to answer your questions, and present your best case.

From the outset, we outline your goals and the agreed-upon method of achieving those goals.  We review and update your case constantly to ensure we remain on course.



We are a technology-driven law firm, utilizing modern technologies to streamline the practice of law, which saves our clients money and enhances our chances of achieving your goals. This is done by:

  • An online intake system that allows for "smart" intake forms reducing unnecessary and costly paperwork.
  • Retainer agreements available to be signed digitally anywhere, including on a tablet or smartphone.
  • Online payment options, which further streamlines the process and accommodates our clients' busy lives.
  • A cloud-based practice management system that allows clients and the attorneys 24/7 access to the legal file in a secure environment regardless of location.
  • Same day electronic copies of documents - our office procedure is that the client receives an electronic copy of each and every document that comes into our office at the same time as the attorney.