Surgical Errors

Surgeries, no matter how routine, always involve varying degrees of risk, and a patient is extremely vulnerable during the procedure. The amount of faith and finances expended on the behalf of patients and their families who make decisions based on the advice from medical professionals is based on an informed trust of doctors on behalf of patients.

When a surgeon breaches this trust through the violation of standards of care it may result in permanent injury, physical impairment, unnecessary and costly infections, or even death.

Surgical Errors

Hospitals will do everything they can to resist being found liable, which is why having an experienced attorney is so important when seeking compensation in the case of malpractice. These unfortunate events can cause substantial financial and emotional distress and, if unaddressed, can permanently impact the lives of individuals and their loved ones.

Common surgical errors:

  • Infection
  • Surgical tools left inside the patient
  • Error administering anesthesia
  • Inadvertent damage to muscles, ligaments, or organs surrounding the incision
  • Anesthesia errors

It's also important to know that surgical errors can occur outside of the operating room as well. These types of errors may include:

  • Errors during preoperative testing
  • Failure to address post-operative complications
  • Failure to provide necessary preoperative information
  • Performing the wrong procedure

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