Getting your life back after a divorce: Spousal Support in Virginia

Spousal Support in Virginia

Spousal support refers to the financial support one spouse is required to supply to the other after a divorce is final. Spousal support obligations are negotiated and established by addressing the specific circumstances of each case, and there is no general formula applied to help make the decision. Judges are not bound by a guideline calculation as they are for child support. Courts can determine the amount, form and duration of spousal support, and often consider factors such as the choices made during the marriage, the time a spouse has been out of the workforce, and the distribution of property, and the support is modifiable if the client can show a material change in circumstance, such as the loss of employment.

Virginia Spousal Support

How Is Spousal Support Calculated in Virginia?

Further complicating this process are the recent changes in the way spousal support is awarded. These changes, which were part of more expansive tax legislation, took effect in 2019 that has changed the way divorce settlements are negotiated.  

Because of all these moving parts, it becomes even more imperative that clients are served by an experienced divorce attorney that is well versed in Virginia State Law and Federal Tax Law. The ability to get back on your feet financially after a divorce is crucial to your financial and emotional well-being, as well as creating a new routine for your child(ren).

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