Medication Errors Can Cause Serious Harm

Patients rely upon the expertise of medical professionals to properly diagnose ailments and to then prescribe and safely utilized the appropriate medication. If an error is made in the selection and application of the prescribed medication, it can result in worsening health maladies and even death.

Medication Errors

Medication errors are categorized within the professional medical community and the errors range from Class A (least serious) to Class I (most serious). Class A and B errors do not impact the patient.

  • Class C: Error impacts patient, but it does not result in injury
  • Class D: Error requires monitoring to ensure the health of the patient
  • Class E: Error results in temporary harm
  • Class F: Errors results in harm and patient requires extended hospitalization
  • Class G: Error may result in permanent injury
  • Class H: Error requires action to keep the patient alive
  • Class I: Error results in the death of the patient

Because medical professionals must maintain standards of practice when administering care to patients, the hospital may be liable for any avoidable or preventable errors in prescribing and properly dispensing medication that directly lead to additional physical harm, additional care, and increased expenses for the patients and their families.

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