Assisting you and your family through difficult custody negotiations

Family law cases that involve custody are very emotionally trying, and it is important to find an experienced attorney to help see you through your case. Virginia does not have a set formula through which these arrangements are set because each case is different, and the courts make custody determinations using a series of factors, always keeping in mind the best interest of the child(ren).  

Custody and Family Law

Generally speaking, there are two types of custody – legal custody and physical custody.   

  • Legal Custody – The ability to make decisions about how the child is raised. 

  • Physical Custody – The day-to-day care for your child, where your child sleeps at night and spends their days.  

These can be further specified and catered to the circumstances of each case. Depending on the situation, the court or the parties can agree to sole or shared legal custody. There are various types of physical custody arrangements which can go by many names.

The courts use the terms “sole” (often called primary, where one parent has the child for more than 275 days per year), “shared” (each parent has the child or children for more than 90 days per year), and “split” (children are split between households, i.e. Mom has one child and Dad has the other) to classify a custodial arrangement for the purposes of calculating child support.   

An experienced attorney will work towards an arrangement that answers to the desires of the client and the child(ren) while paying attention to the legal realities of the case.

Our experienced family law attorneys will work to establish the custody arrangement best for suited for your family!

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