Virginia Child Support Laws

Your child(ren) will always be the most important people in your life, and we understand that you will go to any length to ensure their well-being. When involved in child support cases, an experienced attorney will help you understand the relevant legal factors that are in play, how they may impact the case, and advise the best path forward for your situation. Our attorneys will keep you informed on every matter of the case. A parent needs to be assured that their attorney will thoroughly understand the unique circumstances that characterize the case as it relates to family law in Virginia

Child support is determined primarily from four main factors:

  • the gross income of each party
  • the custodial schedule
  • the costs of work-related to childcare
  • the costs of medical insurance for the children

Virginia Child Support Laws

These figures are plugged into a guideline formula. The guideline amount for child support is presumptively correct, and courts are required to start their analysis at the guideline amount. The Courts can deviate from the guideline figure based on other circumstances and factors but must make written findings for any deviation. Child support is modifiable based on a material change in circumstances. This means that, until the children are eighteen or graduate from high school, either parent can petition the court to change the child support amount based on a change in circumstances.

Confidence and comfort with your family law attorney are paramount when having to go through child support negotiations. Our team's priorities are your legal interests and ensuring that this difficult process goes as smoothly as possible.

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