Healthcare Powers of Attorney and Advance Medical Directives

An advanced medical directive allows you to establish ahead of time that you do not wish to be kept alive artificially if you are in an accident or have an illness that leaves you in a permanent vegetative state or in a terminal condition. 

Power of attorney

A Healthcare Power of Attorney appoints an agent to make medical decisions for you in the event that you are unable to make them for yourself.  A healthcare power of attorney also details your wishes for care in advance. 

While an Advanced Medical Directive may not be for everyone, a healthcare power of attorney is an essential component of a complete estate plan.   

It is important to designate the proper person to make decisions for you.  If you do not, the law will govern who makes those decisions, and it may not be in line with your own choices.  In the event of a disagreement among your family, they may need to petition the court to determine who has the right to make decisions, which is expensive and time-consuming.  An experienced attorney will assist and guide you in making these important decisions ahead of time which will reduce your family’s stress in the event of an illness. 

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