Medical Power of Attorney and Advanced Health Care Directive

Medical Power of Attorney is an essential part of estate planning.  It is an opportunity to appoint particular person (or group of people) to make healthcare decisions for you in the event that you cannot communicate your healthcare wishes.  It can also be used to give details regarding your medical choices in the event that you cannot speak.  Including an advanced medical directive (sometimes called a “Living Will”), either as a separate document or part of your healthcare power of attorney, allows you to communicate your decisions regarding end of life care directly to your medical provider. 


Power of attorney

It is important to designate the proper person to make decisions for you – someone who will carry out your wishes and is dependable in emergencies and during stressful situations.  Without a medical power of attorney, the law will govern who makes those decisions, and it may not be in line with your own choices.  In the event of a disagreement among your family, they may need to petition a court to determine who has the right to make decisions, which is expensive and time consuming.  An experienced attorney will assist and guide you in making these important decisions ahead of time, which will reduce your family’s stress in the event of an illness.

While an Advanced Medical Directive may not be for everyone, a healthcare power of attorney is an essential component of a complete estate plan.   

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