26 Sep 2019
Question - "What should I do if my Social Security Number is stolen?" A stolen SSN is cause for serious concern because it grants the thief complete access to your identity. If your bank card is stolen, you can close your accounts. It’s not that simple when your SSN is stolen. If your SSN is stolen, there are 5 things you should do immediately: 1. Contact one of the three...
26 Sep 2019
Question - "Can I adopt my girlfriend's child in Ohio if the birth certificate was never signed by the bio father and [he] hasn't made contact in 3 years?" Laws vary from state to state so you will need to seek the advice of an attorney licensed to practice law in Ohio. The lawyers at Parks Zeigler are licensed in Virginia. However, if you, your girlfriend, and child all lived...
06 Aug 2019
Question - "Should I get a new Social Security Number if mine is stolen?" If your SSN is stolen, and it continues to cause problems years after the fact (presuming you've taken all steps to rectify the situation), it might be worth considering. However, it's not an easy process and it comes with some caveats. You must prove that the theft has caused substantial hardship, e.g. denied mortgages, problems with...
26 Jul 2019
Question - "Are divorce law and family law the same thing?"       No. Divorce law pertains to divorces only. Family law encompasses divorces and other family law matters like custody, child support, and adoptions. If you are facing a separation, knowing this distinction is important when searching for an attorney that best suits your needs. If you have any questions about choosing a divorce or family law attorney, please contact us. 
10 Jul 2019
Question - "Should I put a credit freeze on my child's account?" Yes. Children are at a higher risk for credit fraud because it can remain undetected for years, recognized only when the child applies for their first credit card.  By that time, there is already significant damage to the child’s credit. Before the Equifax breach in 2017, there was a charge to apply credit freezes and the process could...
02 Jul 2019
Question - I won a judgement over a limited liability business and she shut down. How do I proceed from there and will I ever see my money again? If your judgment is only against a limited liability company which has now ceased operations, you may not be able to collect. However, if the Company now has or had any assets such as inventory or equipment at the time it...
24 Jun 2019
Question - "Is a hand-written Will recognized in Virginia?" Yes, however, we strongly recommend you write your will with the assistance of an attorney to ensure that it is done properly. An improperly executed Will can lead to the unintended disposition of your assets and may burden your loved ones with the task of figuring out how to correct errors, and this can be time-consuming, stressful, and expensive. Also, a...
03 Jan 2017
While desertion and abandonment are usually used interchangeably in divorce cases, there is actually a distinction between the two. “Desertion” is the breach of the duties stemming from being married.  First, there must be a break from living together as spouses (“cohabitation”).  Second, there must be intent to desert in the mind of the deserter.  You must have both to establish desertion.  Desertion does not depend on who actually leaves...
18 Mar 2015
Yes. If your child’s other parent is not paying child support, you may not withhold visitation. On the flip side, if your child’s other parent won’t let you see your children, do not withhold child support. Either instance could lead to jail or fines. Make sure you document any and all interactions concerning the issues. If the two of you can’t resolve your problems, contact your lawyer to discuss your options.
10 Feb 2015
Yes. Either parent may sue for the child. However, there are particular requirements for how the lawsuit must be worded, and failure to comply with those requirements can be fatal to the case. Importantly, the procedure for filing suit to recover for medical bills incurred by the parent or parents can be different from the action for injuries suffered by the child. Typically these two actions are combined in one lawsuit...
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