Should I get a new Social Security Number if mine is stolen?

New Social Security CardsQuestion: "Should I get a new Social Security Number if mine is stolen?"

If your SSN is stolen, and it continues to cause problems years after the fact (presuming you've taken all steps to rectify the situation), it might be worth considering. However, it's not an easy process and it comes with some caveats.

  1. You must prove that the theft has caused substantial hardship, e.g. denied mortgages, problems with the IRS or law enforcement, or irreparable credit.
  2. Being issued a new SSN doesn't mean the problems will go away, as the old number will remain valid and you will have to continually monitor your accounts with that in mind. The SS agency never invalidates a number it has already issued.
  3. A new SSN means you have zero credit history, and your credit will have to be built back up - which, for reasons mentioned above, could prove difficult.
  4. The decision to issue a new SSN is up to the SS agency, not you.

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