Virginia Accident Safety- Car versus Motorcycle

Car vs Motorcycle SafetyMore people die when riding motorcycles than cars mainly due to two factors:  (1) The lack of protection offered by a motorcycle versus a car and (2)  Statistically, most injured bikers are younger men who have not developed a good sense of risk awareness. There are bikers who ride for decades without ever having any accidents because they are safe drivers in whatever they are driving.  Most experienced bikers view operating a motorcycle as safer than driving a car because you are less likely to have an accident in the first place due to:

Vulnerability Awareness –  A biker knows if there is an accident to his or her bike there will be injury or death to his or her person.  Too many people assume their car will protect them with safety features like anti-skid brakes and airbags.  Think a big SUV keeps you safe? There is always a bigger vehicle out there and bikers realize this more than car drivers.

Better View  –  A biker’s field of vision is wider and extends further, thereby enabling him or her to be able to spot and avoid an accident sooner.  Bikers are not blinded by the body of a car or restricted to the middle of their lane.

Better Evasion - A bike is much smaller and has more evasion options, like speed-up, swerve around, or go between two cars, thereby maneuvering out of harm’s way much easier.

More Attentive – A biker feels the road beneath him or her and is not distracted by the activities that occur in cars like talking on cell phones, eating, disciplining children, putting on makeup, and the other myriad of distractions that cause many car related accidents.

With any operation of a motor vehicle, accident avoidance depends a great deal on the attitude and carefulness of the driver. While I do not ride a motorcycle, I can appreciate the extra mental awareness it takes to safely drive one.

If you, or someone you love, are involved in an accident that was not your fault and want to know your rights of recovery, please feel free to contact our office. We can assist you in recovering what you deserve from the insurance company.

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