How often should I update my passwords?

Updating Passwords

Changing your password too often may put you at greater risk.

When trying to understand how to best create strong passwords and consistently manage them, we are exposed to a variety of strategies that are promised to be the most effective way to protect our sensitive information.  There are two rules that are currently advised – (1) use long passphrases instead of trying to come up with a random password (e.g. “I_l0ve_horses_the_m0st!”, and (2) use a password manager to generate unique passwords for each site and make the passphrase for that password manager strong (we recommend at least 12 characters)

However, an additional tip often suggested is that you should update your passwords frequently (e.g. every month), however, this is not advisable.  Doing this may actually contribute to weaker password security because the more one is required to change their password, the lazier he or she becomes when creating them.

The only time you should change your passwords for a particular account is --

  • If that account was hacked or the service associated with that account was breached
  • There was unauthorized access into one of your devices or accounts
  • A person you once shared in an account with is no longer using the account
  • You logged into the account on a public computer
  • It’s been a year or more since you changed the password

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