Information and Tips To Help You Stay Safe and Out of Trouble on New Year's Eve

Tips for staying safe and out of trouble on New Year's Eve. Happy New Year’s Eve!

Tonight is the last day of 2019, and the decade! We hope everyone has a wonderful evening full of friends, reflections on the past year, and positive aspirations leading into 2020.

Tips to Stay Safe

While we encourage everyone to have as much fun as they can ringing in the new year, we want to emphasize the need to take extra precautions while driving this evening. Please take a look at some important reminders and helpful tips to keep you safe and out of trouble this evening:

  • The police will be extra vigilant tonight to help keep the roads as safe as possible. So you can’t be too careful! It only takes a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% to be guilty of a DUI/DWI, however, an officer can arrest you if they have reason to believe you are impaired even if your BAC is not 0.08%.
  • Being arrested for DUI/DWI can lead to jail time and costs that can reach up to $10,000. If a judge convicts you, it will be included in future background checks which can be a factor in your search for employment, child custody, and rights to own firearms.
  • Driving while impaired is not only dangerous because it impacts your ability to drive, it also contributes to unwise decisions such as distracted driving which is another serious safety hazard, especially if it’s combined with intoxication.
  • Use UBER or Lyft! Chances are both services will be offering discounts tonight. If you haven’t done so yet, you can download both apps for free on iOS and Android and search for NYE promo codes.
  • AAA is offering a free Tipsy Tow to everyone in the Hampton Roads region, even if they aren’t AAA members. If you're out and find yourself too tipsy to drive, you can call AAA (1-800-AAA-HELP) to request the Tipsy Tow service and a truck will tow your car and drive you home for free. However, please use this as a last resort, as their fleet of trucks is limited.
  • Or, select a designated driver for the evening. This is a cheap way to stay safe throughout the night. It might help to create a fun incentive for the designated driver to thank them for their willingness to help.
  • Buy a breathalyzer before you go out! You can stop a Best Buy and pick one up. It’s also a great tool to have with you whenever you are out having a drink or two, not just on NYE.

A fun evening can turn bad quickly, but it’s just as easy to stay safe and out of trouble. We hope you all have a great evening and start 2020 with your best foot forward!

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