Our Virginia Small Business Attorney discusses the Veterans Small Business Act that aims to assist veteran entrepreneurs

Veteran-Owned Small Business Assistance

Two things that our firm is passionate about include veterans and entrepreneurs, and we’ve had the privilege of serving their specific needs when it comes to legal issues. Whatever assistance we can provide, we will be honored to offer.

And since today is National Entrepreneurs, we wanted to inform our Virginia veterans of a bill that was passed earlier this year intended to assist veterans who are interested in starting a small business.

Veterans Small Business Act

Veterans & Small Businesses The Veterans Small Business Act assists veterans’ small business goals by offering government used equipment for free or at a discount. The start-up costs associated with the process of starting a small business represent a substantial challenge, and facilitating the acquisition of the materials that help get these businesses up and running reduces costs – not only for the veteran entrepreneurs but also for taxpayers. Veteran small business owners can begin the application process here

Additionally, this bill comes at a much needed time as veteran-owned small businesses have declined substantially since World War II. Facilitating veterans in their small business aspirations allow for them to continue their service to the United States as a civilian, transferring the values they nurtured during service to personal ambitions. Also, veteran owners are more likely to hire other veterans.

Veterans’ resilience, courage, and tenacity make them especially equipped for the challenges that come with running a small business, and this bill can help relieve some of the difficult pressures and allow for a focus on long-term goals.

Our Virginia Small Business Attorneys Are Here To Answer Your Questions

If you have any questions about starting your veteran-owned small business in Virginia, please contact our experienced Virginia Beach attorneys today. Call 888-691-9319 or fill out this short form to get started. 

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