Three Questions for Co-Parents Picking Summer Camp: Experienced Virginia Beach Family Law Attorney Says You Should Ask When Selecting a Summer Camp

Virginia Beach Family Law Attorney offers advice about summer camps.Navigating Summer Camps & Co-Parenting

Summer visitation and the cost of summer camp seem to always be issues this time of the year. It used to be that exchanging proposed weeks for your summer parenting time by May 1 was sufficient. However, as I have recently experienced, if you do not have your summer camp’s scheduled by April 1 or earlier, you are left scrambling to find reasonable summer care.

Three Important Questions You Should Ask

  • What happens if the other parent schedules their summer parenting time during the one camp your child(ren) just has to go to?
  • How much is too much for summer camps?
  • Have you factored in those extra costs into your child support?

These questions will allow you to prepare for important contingencies, that if not clearly understood by both parents, may cause conflict that is otherwise avoidable. 

If your court orders do not provide answers to these questions and you run into these kinds of issues, it is important to obtain legal advice before you make decisions that could be detrimental to you and any future proceedings.

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