Summary of Social Media Posts September 2013

Kellam T. Parks
Managing Member of Parks Zeigler, PLLC

09/25/13: Don't ignore signs of possible child identity

09/23/13: Identity Theft and College

09/20/13: Medical Identity Theft is on the Rise.

09/19/13: 18 Charged In Large-Scale Identity Theft

09/18/13: Married to Divorced in just weeks with newer Virginia laws.

09/17/13: Three arrested in Virginia for allegedly creating more than 25,000 false ID

09/16/13: If the insurance company won't pay my auto accident claim, what do I do?

09/13/13: How will my auto accident be settled?

09/12/13: Identity Theft ring making credit cards is

09/12/13: Don't Forget About Stock Options During A

09/12/13: Check your credit report for free every few

09/11/13: Check your credit report for free every few

09/10/13: 8 Ways to Prevent Child Identity Theft

09/09/13: Identity Theft causes Virginia Beach family more grief.

09/09/13: What to do when divorced parents are both in the military.

09/02/13: Does your custody order cover military deployment?

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