Social Media Post Summaries September 2012

Kellam T. Parks
Managing Member of Parks Zeigler, PLLC

09/30/12: School buses are everywhere. Do you know Virginia Law?

09/29/12: Police at scene of one accident save woman from second crash.

09/28/12: International kindness in the face of fatal crash.

09/27/12: Warning patients who are medically unfit to drive may reduce the risk of road

09/27/12: The Government's Epic Fail on

09-26/12: Clubs, teams might not safeguard children's personal info against Identity Theft.

09/25/12: Just how hackable is your digital life?

09/24/12: The Virginia Court of Appeals recently referred to Pakistani divorce laws to render its decision.

09/23/12: ATM skimming still in play for Identity

09/22/12: More reports of identity theft collected by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission were lodged by those aged 20-29 than any other age range.

09/21/12: Zombie bank account is Identity theft aimed at closed accounts.

09/20/12: Seven percent of smart phone owners are victims of identity fraud.

09/19/12: The Top Five Dangers Of Online Shopping & Precautions To Take.

09/18/12: Identity Theft for Tax Scam is not just a US problem.

09/17/12: Traffic Accident Database Now Online in Virginia.

09/17/12: Nakoula, anti-Islam film maker, was charged with bank fraud and aggravated identity theft in 2009.

09/16/12: Suits against IRS aiding Identity Theft

09/15/12: Beginning this month, every school district in Virginia is required to keep epinephrine injectors on hand for use in an emergency.

09/14/12: You need the assistance of an experienced Virginia car accident attorney to help protect you during this often confusing and overwhelming time.

09/13/12: Young adults among last to detect identity theft.

09/12/12: Everyone should be this positive and tackle life like Aimee Copeland.

09/12/12: Crash involving 100-year-old driver rekindles age debate.

09/11/12: Man stole doctor's Identity, saw 500

09/10/12: College students and ID theft: What you should know.

09/07/12: Northern Virginia: program educates seniors about fraud, identity theft.

09/06/12: Lawyer brews up new career in Norfolk | |… via @PilotNews

09/04/12: Kindergartners open new season for Identity Thieves.

09/04/12: Virginia legislature criticized for poor texting while driving law.

09/03/12: Medical ID theft: Double danger for

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