Summary of Social Media Posts May 2013

Kellam T. Parks
Managing Member of Parks Zeigler, PLLC

05/28/13: 1 in 4 Americans have errors on their credit reports.

05/24/13: Japan changes in small attempt to address international custody issue.

05/23/13: Teen invents 'concussion detector' for car accidents.

05/21/13: Family releases last text of son to warn of distracted driving.

05/18/13: Pictures of steak dinner lead to arrest for Identity Theft.

05/17/13: Advocates Call On Senate To Remove Paid Medical Debt From Credit Reports.

05/16/13: Where to go, and not go, for your credit information.

05/14/13: Divorce today - till death or.

05/13/13: Larry the Cable Guy could be taking your Identity by Theft.

05/10/13: Why data theft poses a big risk to small businesses.

05/09/13: Virginia law concerning injury from a drunk driver.

05/08/13: The driver that hit me received a DUI, can I sue the bar that he was at prior to driving into me? 

05/07/13: Will Deployment delay divorce proeceedins? 

05/06/13: Identity Thief's right to privacy: ID theft kept secret by IRS.

05/04/13: Social Media & The Electronic Footprints in Domestic Cases.

05/01/13: Five Myths about Military Divorces.

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