Summary of Social Media Posts July 2013

Kellam T. Parks
Managing Member of Parks Zeigler, PLLC

07/30/13: Virginia Divorce Lawyer: Understanding the Issues Relating to Divorce.

07/29/13: 5 Reasons Why Failing to Hire a Virginia Attorney Is a Big Mistake.

07/27/13: Identity Theft: Taking Back Your Life.

07/26/13: How do I get a divorce in Virginia?

07/25/13: Military Divorce Considerations in

07/24/13: Virginia Car Accident Attorney: 10 Things to Do Following a Crash.

07/23/13: How is child support calculated in Virginia?

07/22/13: Divorce Rates Rising Among

07/20/13: What to consider when children get injured in Auto Acccidents.

07/19/13: Virginia Credit Report Attorney: Understanding Credit Reporting.

07/18/13: Virginia Beach divorce attorney warns of social media postings and how they can be used against you.

07/17/13: How is spousal support calculated in Virginia?

07/16/13: Car accidents, even slight, can cause physical trauma; our bodies are not built like

07/15/13: Can I get a divorce out of the country even if I live in Virginia?

07/15/13: July 1, 2013 Virginia laws regarding distracted driving and landlord -tenants.

07/10/13: Identity Theft: 11 things not to do with

07/08/13: Signs that your identity has been

07/05/13: Identity Theft a Real Threat.

07/04/13: Fraud Alert: Scammers Lurk Behind Area Code 876.

07/03/13: Discussion group helping men become better

07/02/13: Be sure your credit report request is

07/01/13: New Virginia Moped Laws Take Effect State-Wide July

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