Summary of Social Media Posts January 2013

Kellam T. Parks
Managing Member of Parks Zeigler, PLLC

01/30/12: IDENTITY THEFT IS a crime that's easy to dismiss. Until it happens to you.

01/29/12: Tax Divorce: Can't believe it, but its

01/28/12: It's Not You, It's Your Credit Score.

01/26/12: Is identity theft insurance worth the cost?

01/25/12: 2 Accused Of ID Theft To Obtain Tax

01/24/12: Parental rights decided by Virginia Supreme Court.

01/23/12: IRS: Beware of ID theft. IRS will never text or email you.

01/22/12: IRS Vows More Support for Identity Theft Victims.

01/21/12: Integrity, its everything - now lets spread the news.

01/21/12: Identity Theft Victims Receive Gifts from Debit Card Thief.

01/18/12: Tax Season: Beware of Identity

01/17/12: Understanding the Lack of Benefits for Military Same Sex Marriages.

01/16/12: Making Better Dummies to Make Safer

01/15/12: Identity Theft: FCC Publishes 10-Step Guide for Securing Smartphones.

01/15/12: Nine ways to protect seniors from Identity Theft.

01/14/13: Identity theft in the E.R.

01/11/13: Deployment Shouldn't Deprive Military Parent Of Child Custody.

01/10/13: Identity Theft took 12 years to

01/09/13: Divorce Myths and Stats are

01/08/13: CA Supreme Court says riders can't sue over injuries stemming from the inherent nature of the attraction.

01/07/13: Your Social Score Is the New Credit

01/04/13: Foster Children at Higher Risk For Identity Theft.

01/02/13: Shoulder surfing contributing to identity

01/01/13: Credit Reports Falsely Tag Consumers as Terrorists, Drug Traffickers.

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