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Kellam T. Parks
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214-11-27 Happy Thanksgiving to our wonderful family and friends - including all our clients! What are you thankful for?

2014-11-26 The staff has been talking about Thanksgiving traditions and foods. Deb loves how many different dishes are served and getting at least a bite of everything... and all the leftovers! How about you, what are you looking forward to?

2014-11-24 The staff has been talking about Thanksgiving food & traditions. My favorite is having homemade stuffing and hot, juicy roasted turkey.... and leftovers!

2014-11-21 Did you know,LinkedIn regularly assembles information on consumers into Reference Reports?

2014-11-19 College students are identity theft’s most common victims.

2014-11-18 Debt discharged in bankruptcy should no longer be on your credit

2014-11-17 Fixing credit report errors can be a complicated.

2014-11-14 Virginia Fail: Virginia does not have a human trafficking or sex trafficking

2014-11-14 Add security to your online shopping BEFORE Black Friday!

2014-11-06 Fear and Worry in America?

2014-11-03 Keep yourself safe from ID Theft, think before your post!

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