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Kellam T. Parks
Managing Member of Parks Zeigler, PLLC

Calendar and desktop2014-06-24 Protecting the Elderly from Identity

2014-06-19 Medical ID Theft Can Be Deadly.

2014-06-16 Identity Theft - Business Owner Steals Clients' Info.

2014-06-14 Virginia DMV Implementing Law Changes in July.

2014-06-13 Free Wi-Fi at Airports can lead to Identity

2014-06-13 Electronic Evidence CLE, brushing up on more tech tools to assist clients! #VSBAnnualMeeting

2014-06-12 Pay Attention to The Road - Brilliant!

2014-06-11 Beware-Nursing Home Identity

2014-06-04 I was just endorsed by John M O'Brien on

2014-06-02 Identity Theft Causes Mother to be Denied Food Stamps.

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