Summary of Social Media Posts February 2013

Kellam T. Parks
Managing Member of Parks Zeigler, PLLC

02/28/13: Colorado tops charts for identity theft.

02/27/13: Continuing Identity Theft & Fraud Without

02/26/13: 5 Percent of Consumers Have Credit Report

02/25/13: Tax Time is ID Theft Time.

02/22/13: How Children Are At Higher Risk For Identity

02/21/13: Points to Ponder to Avoid Identity Theft on

02/20/13: Identity Theft Nets $34M Tax Fraud Plot.

02/19/13: From Riches to Rags Due to Identity Theft.

02/18/13: Changing The Law For Rapist Seeking

02/15/13: Stolen Identity still an issue after 10 years.

02/14/13: Identity Theft Scam involving car loans.

02/13/13: Smartphone: Easy Target For Identity Theft.

02/12/13: Students should be careful of Identity

02/11/13: Roanoke Couple Guilty of Identity

02/11/13: Identity Theft Can Lead to Denied Prescriptions and Medical Care.

02/08/13: Identity theft attorney became victim.

02/08/13: Bushs' email hacked. Personal Info in wrong hands now..

02/07/13: Social Media Identity Theft of a School Director.

02/06/13: Identity Thieves using the IDs of those recently deceased.

02/05/13: IRS Tips Won't Protect You From Identity Theft Tax Fraud.

02/04/13: IRS Combats Identity Theft and Refund

02/04/13: Senator Portman introduces Child Custody Protection Act.

02/01/13: IRS Battling Rising Identity Theft.

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