Summary of Social Media Posts April 2013

Kellam T. Parks
Managing Member of Parks Zeigler, PLLC

04/30/13: Is there a direct relationship between the severity of the car accident and the seriousness of the injury?

04/30/13: Battling Identity Theft of the Dead.

04/26/13: Identity Theft: It's Not Just for Grownups!

04/25/13: Identity Theft: Arrested as the thief in

04/23/13: Identity Theft: Possession of 52 credit & debit cards not illegal?

04/22/13: Tips On Keeping Children From Personal Injury.

04/19/13: Virginia Credit Report Attorney: Understanding Credit Reporting.

04/18/13: Identity Theft & Fraud in the 21st

04/17/13: Star Wars Actor Richard LeParmentier

04/17/13: Divorce Rates Rising Among

04/16/13: Practice of Divorce Has Evolved and So Have the Statistics.

04/15/13: Understanding Virginia's Newer Uncontested Divorce Procedures.

04/12/13: What's happening in Tidewater? Check our Local Events on Pinterest!

04/11/13: Identity Theft Of Relative Is Still A Crime.

04/10/13: My Credit Report Story-an Alias and a

04/09/13: Use seat belts all the time, reduce deaths from crashes by 45 percent.

04/08/13: Consequences of Paternity Fraud.

04/05/13: 2012 saw increase to $21 billion in Identity

04/04/13: Identity Theft: Don't wait 18 years to discover

04/03/13: Technology breeds crime- beware Identity

04/02/13: Identity Theft is real and your information is out

04-01-13: Identity Theft – It’s No Joke.

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