Summary of Social Media Posts March 2013

Kellam T. Parks
Managing Member of Parks Zeigler, PLLC

03/29/13: Checking credit reports for errors.

03/28/13: IRS continues enforcement push against refund fraud and ID theft.

03/28/13: Is identity theft unavoidable?

03/27/13: The ONE thing to know about your credit

03/26/13: Healing after car accident trauma.

03/25/13: Man finds identity theft device on access door to

03/22/13: How technology is advancing to prevent accident fatalities and injuries.

03/22/13: Dead beat dad busted by Face Book photos.

03/21/13: PA couple charged with Identity Theft, bought info from hospital staff.

03/20/13: Newspaper Delivery Man Charged With Identity

03/19/13: Sequester a wake-up call for Virginia business diversity?

03/19/13: Warning About “Imposter” Websites Offering Free Credit Reports.

03/18/13: Identity Theft and the stolen phone.

03/18/13: Virginia War Museum Pays Tribute to Military

03/15/13: Let's not resist the "safety belt" to prevent identity

03/14/13: Average Insurance Settlement for an Auto Accident Injury.

03/13/13: Identity theft and online scams; are you being too social?

03/12/13: Why Identity Theft Matters.

03/11/13: New Bill could get you the same credit info lenders

03/11/13: Legislators Want to Restrict Custody Rights for Parents Convicted of Child Sexual Abuse.

03/08/13: Waitress asks patron for ID, gets own stolen driver’s license.

03/08/13: Child identity theft soars.

03/07/13: Gives new meaning to the term "go play in the traffic". At least this is an accident everyone can smile

03/07/13: Identity Theft Hits 3-Year High.

03/06/13: Virginia DMV and Identity Theft Victims.

03/05/13: Should a child be required to testify? Let us know what you think.

03/04/12: Identity theft and taxpayers IRS Tax Tips.

03/01/13: Military Divorcees Aim to End Lifetime Alimony

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