To maintain your cybersecurity, don't neglect your software updates.

The Importance of Software UpdatesOctober is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and we're focusing on ways to keep your digital lives secure. Our first topic focuses on software updates.

Software Updates

Software platforms are always being updated, and we’re sure that you’ve ignored reminders that pop up on your screen while you’re working. While software updates can be a disruption to your workflow, especially when they require a restart and take more time than is ideal to complete, they are nonetheless an important part of keeping your computer secure.

When an update is made available for software, many times it addresses a security vulnerability that was previously identified. So, in addition to making the software run more smoothly (which can help keep you productive and current if your colleagues are also using the same software), installing the updates and upgrades protects your computer and sensitive information from the latest tactics that are being used to steal information or access sensitive information to use for identity theft. Updating your software can also prevent malware from infecting friends or colleagues.

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