Social Media Posts Summaries May 2012

Kellam T. Parks
Managing Member of Parks Zeigler, PLLC

5/31/12: Be aware of Identity Theft when applying for rental property.

5/30/12: Tax return Identity Theft has become so popular that former NFL players..

5/29/12: Identity Theft While Seeking Employment

5/25/12: Social Media Identity Theft Used Against You

5/24/12: Be Aware of Identity Theft While Traveling

5/23/12: Virginia had the 5th highest rate of consumer

5/22/12: Disasters Provide Identity Theft Opportunities

5/21/12: Identity Theft Via Cell

5/18/12: IRS considering delaying tax refunds..

5/17/12: What about "sort-of" Identity Theft?

5/16/12: Failure of Credit Agencies to Correct Errors Can Hurt

5/15/12: Your deceased relative could be Identity Theft

5/14/12: Congress has been holding hearings.

5/10/12: Should I freeze my Credit Report after Identity Theft?

5/9/12: The identity theft landscape is constantly

5/8/12: Identity thieves could rake in $26 billion in tax 

5/7/12: IRS making ID victims wait for refunds; however, demanding immediate payment from said victims if other taxes due.

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