Social Media Posts Summaries June 2012

Kellam T. Parks
Managing Member of Parks Zeigler, PLLC

06/29/12:Credit Card Cloning on the rise.

06/28/12: Baby Boomer Divorce Rate Doubles.

06/27/12: Consumers Still Lax on Identity Security

06/26/12: New Virginia laws affecting you.

06/26/12: ID Theft Statistics may surprise

06/25/12: Medical Identity Theft Can Reek Havoc With Your Medical Records.

06/22/12: ID Theft of 800 People from Hospital

06/21/12: Tax Return Identity Theft Hotline

06/20/12: Five charged with ID theft using cards to get gas.

06/19/12: Text Messages Can Lead to Identity

06/18/12: Identity Theft can haunt a victim for

06/18/12: Military beware- ID scam targeting VA disability recipients.

06/15/12: Identity Theft used to buy Smart Phones for Profit.

06/14/12: Identity Thieves Made Millions Teaching Their Trade.

06/13/12: Beware Identity Theft when using Wi-Fi

06/12/12: Local Man Guilty of Identity Theft.

06/11/12: 5 Tips to Avoid Cyber Crime.

06/08/12: More than 6 million passwords published.

06/07/12: ID Theft can cause more than financial

06/06/12: 10 Things to Do Following a Crash

06/05/12: Identity Theft may occur less from online sources, but are you secure with all the new apps and technology?

06/04/12: Information released by Government making Identity Theft easy.

06/01/12: Tips on Preventing Tax-Refund Identity Theft

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