Social Media Post Summaries October 2012

Kellam T. Parks
Managing Member of Parks Zeigler, PLLC

10/31/12: To protect against ID theft, government says follow the ‘three D’s.

10/31/12: The 45 Best Pictures At A Haunted House Of 2012.

10/30/12: Blog Post: Attorneys’ Fees and Litigation – When fees get awarded to the “Prevailing Party”

10/30/12: Fight Identity Theft: opt out of junk

10/29/12: ATM Skimming still a risk for identity

10/26/12: Barnes & Noble: Identity Theft .

10/25/12: The face of "total identity theft".

10/25/12:World Pasta Day: ready to eat!

10/24/12: Move to the Cloud in the Least Expensive iPad Mini.

10/24/12:Take Advantage of National Protect Your Identity Week, October 20-27.

10/24/12: If you're victim of Identity Theft, you have the right to ask for records related to the

10/23/12: Swallows Depart from San Juan Capistrano Day.

10/23/12: 4 Ways Identity Theft can Affect Your

10/22/12: Identity Theft Risks Lure in the

10/19/12: Virginia Division of Child Support Enforcement to begin cutting checks to victims.

10/19/12: U.S Marine commits fraud against fellow Marines.

10/18/12: Get Smart About Credit Day.

10/18/12: Even the most-sophisticated and well-educated individuals are vulnerable to Identity Theft.

10/17/12: City of Virginia Beach to Host Free Financial Planning Day.

10/17/12: Identity theft scam alert sent to Realtors, other professions.

10/16/12:People who have their licences or fingerprints scanned when entering nightclubs could be increasing their risk of Identity Theft or fraud.

10/15/12: National Clean Your Virtual Desktop

10/12/12: Crash Test Dummies.

10/11/12: Bracing for Impact Ups Chances of Surviving Plane Crash.

10/10/12: If you've ever doubted your abilities or stopped yourself from going the extra mile..

10/10/12: How to Protect Against Identity Theft in College.

10/09/12: An employee locker at work doesn't mean your valuables are safe from Theft.

10/08/12: Businesses like Virginia's legal

10/07/12: Betty A. Thompson, Virginia Divorce Attorney dies at age 88.

10/06/12: Identity Theft hits Hollywood- film comes out February 2013.

10/05/12: WreckCheck APP - Protecting your Identity from Theft.

10/04/12: Online Dating - How to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft.

10/03/12: iPad Mini Rumor .

10/03/12: Not even the most Internet-savvy person, is immune to having their identity

10/02/12: Drunken driver triggered fatal

10/01/12: 7 Shocking Facts About Identity Theft And Fraud In America.

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