Social Media Post Summaries November 2012

Kellam T. Parks
Managing Member of Parks Zeigler, PLLC

11/30/12: Your Smartphone Knows You So Well It’s Scary.

11/30/12: Inmates ran Identity Theft ring from

11/29/12: Congress May Require Police to Get a Warrant for Your E-Mails.

11/28/12: Congress May Require Police to Get a Warrant for Your E-Mails.

11/27/12: Military Divorce and Infidelity Not As Common As You May Think..

11/26/12: Protecting yourself against Identify Theft this Holiday season.

11/26/12: Divorce Rate Affected By Economy?

11/25/12: Success and Expansion of Tax Return Identity Theft Crack Down Program. 

11/24/12: Former NFL players being sentenced for Identity Theft & Fraud.

11/23/12: Protect Yourself From Identity Theft & Companies You Do Business

11/22/12: Digital World Makes Stealing Identities Much Easier.

11/21/12: Identity Theft & Fraud - Bank not

11/20/12: Man arrested for Identity Theft after using information he obtained from insurance agent's office.

11/19/12: Shopping Online? How to Avoid Identify

11/18/12: Dad fears school compromised daughter's identity.

11/17/12: Medical identity theft is multidimensional with life endangering consequences.

11/16/12: Identity Theft: Investigators traced tax returns claiming nearly $9

11/15/12: To prevent Identity Theft avoid the use of debit cards at POS terminals.

11/14/12: Twitter: A Spiraling Culture of

11/14/12: Should Live Tweeting Be Protected Like Broadcast Rights?

11/14/12: Virginia: Beware of Dog Liability

11/13/12: Identity theft diverts soldier's pay.

11/13/12: 7 Tech Luminaries Who Died in

11/12/12: 8 things to shred now to avoid identity

11/10/12: Protect Yourself from Identity Theft by Watching your Credit Reports.

11/09/12: Smartphones increase risk of identity

11/09/12: 100K Android Apps in Google Play Are ‘Suspicious’.

11/08/12: Identity theft spreading to social network

11/08/12: Hurricane Sandy Victims fast becoming Identity Theft Victims.

11/07/12: Identity theft can haunt you for

11/07/12: Google Search Unveils New Results

11/07/12: Pixar Names Building After Steve

11/06/12: Human beings are hard-wired to manage risk badly, including Identity Theft.

11/06/12: Voting is vexing for Portsmouth ID theft

11/05/12: Identity Theft has hit 42% of

11/02/12: Identity theft crime spree targeted women in movie theaters.

11/01/12: GOP lawmakers slam HHS over identity-theft risk in Medicare.

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