Social Media Post Summaries July 2012

Kellam T. Parks
Managing Member of Parks Zeigler, PLLC

07/31/12: 11 face ID theft, other charges in tax fraud

07/30/12: Virginia exceeds National average for Fraud Reports in 2011.

07/30/12: Cybercriminals exploit Olympic Games to attack computer users.

07/27/12: Identity Theft: DO you trust your tax preparer?

07/26/12: Forecasts In Coming Trends For Identity

07/25/12: Identity Theft Scammers even going door to door warns Attorney General

07/24/12: States could sharply reduce teen crash deaths by strengthening graduated driver licensing laws.

07/23/12: 4 Free Ways to Protect Your

07/23/12: More password breaches affect

07/20/12: I.D. thief accused of stealing more than $100K from Wells Fargo customers.

07/20/12: 5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do on LinkedIn.

07/19/12: Top five identity theft items in wallets.

07/18/12: Oakland A's Coco Crisp victim of Identity

07/17/12: Facebook hacker sentenced on 13 identity theft

07/16/12: What is Identity Theft & Fraud - per Department of Justice?

07/13/12: IRS Employee Accused of Identity Theft

07/12/12: America: Land of Opportunity for Foreigner Identity Thieves.

07/11/12: Stay vigilant to avoid risking identify theft.

07/10/12: 5 ways to avoid identity theft.

07/09/12: Federal Data Breach Bills - where's the meat?

07/06/12: Summer - Driving tips to Avoid Accidents.

07/05/12: ID Theft Proofing Your Home Before Summer

07/04/12: Feds arrest 22 people in identity theft-ring involving illegal immigrants.

07/04/12: Payment Scam That May Expose Customers To Risk Of Identity Theft.

07/03/12: Fake IDs from China Make Teens Prime Target for Identity Theft.

07/02/12: Build Your Own Free Identity Theft Shield.

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