July 1, 2013 Virginia law regarding child support calculations.

Virginia Law and Child Support CalculationsVirginia Code 20-108.1(A)(4):  The courts can now consider a parent’s decision to attend an educational or vocational program that is likely to maintain or increase his or her earning potential as a factor in determining whether to impute income to such parent for child support.  This bill also allows for child care costs for said education to be considered.  Prior to this change, a court would not be able to give parents any benefit for trying to better themselves and the child care costs for pursuing said betterment (the current law only allows “work-related daycare expenses” to be considered - education was not included).

Note that if you had a case pending prior to July 1, 2013, your case will be based on the laws prior to that date. If you feel your support case would benefit from these laws, as your attorney I can discuss how you can possibly re-file.

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