Accountant by day, clutch goalie by night

Accountant by day, clutch goalie by nightMaking seven saves against the NHL's Winnipeg Jets is not in the job description of a “Senior Financial Accountant in the Greater Chicago Area,” especially a 36-year-old accountant who has never played in a professional hockey match. Regardless of job descriptions, and exceeding all expectations, that is exactly what Scott Foster accomplished.

Foster, who is the emergency goalie for the Chicago Blackhawks, a job which up until last night consisted of hanging out in the press box and eating dinner, was called in to play goalie after the other two Blackhawks’ goalies became unavailable. As surprised as anyone else, Foster had no time to mentally prepare before putting on his gear and making his professional debut in the 3rd and final period of the match. In 14 minutes of play, Foster made an incredible seven saves against the playoff-bound Winnipeg Jets.

What an inspirational story! Foster took advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime and rose to the occasion. In a post-match interview, Foster was well aware of the situation stating, “So a few hours ago I was sitting on my computer typing on a 10-key, and now I'm standing in front of you guys just finished 14-1/2 minutes of NHL hockey." Rarely is there a better real-life example of how fast life can happen, and the importance of the courage it takes to engage with no fear of failure – only the focus to accomplish the goals ahead.

This is the attitude we embrace at Parks Zeigler - always ready to go the extra mile, always focused on our clients' needs, and always prepared to embrace whatever challenges lay before us.  

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