Social Media Post Summaries December 2012

Kellam T. Parks
Managing Member of Parks Zeigler, PLLC

12/28/12: Protect Yourself from Identity

12/27/12: Identity Thieves at work after train

12/26/12: Little Children, Big Challenges:

12/24/12: Resources for Families Facing Divorce and How To Help The Children.

12/22/12: Bizarre Divorce: Woman Does Not Know Husband Divorced Her Until His

12/21/12: Sesame Street has Free Resources and Tools for Military Families.

12/20/12: Attorney General warns of Identity Theft when online shopping.

12/19/12: Identity Theft: The Grinch Who Stole

12/19/12: Credit-Card Debt Can Sink Your Credit Score.

12/19/12: Credit Reports Falsely Tag Consumers as Terrorists, Drug Traffickers.

12/19/12: Identity Theft among Community

12/18/12: Avoid the ‘Grinch’ of Identity Theft during Holidays.

12/18/12: Identity Theft at the Pump Spikes.

12/18/12: Secret Identity Theft -… via @Truthdig

12/17/12: Nationwide security breach exposing 98k customers to Identity Theft came from outside US.

12/15/12: Medical Identity Theft could result in your denial of coverage due to pre-existing condition you don't have.

12/14/12: Identity theft: The not-so-silly side of the season.

12/13/12: Alarming Rise in IRS Refund ID Thefts, Few Prosecuted: GAO Report.

12/12/12: Identity theft leads to crime spree.

12/11/12: Identity theft is now considered a major crime in America.

12/10/12: Child Identity Fraud Often Committed by Family.

12/08/12: Lego makes James Groccia's train dream come true.

12/07/12: Identity Theft Causes One Elderly Couple to Receive Power Disconnection

12/07/12: Mathematicians develops perfect Christmas tree decoration formula.

12/06/12: Travelers: Old-Fashioned Theft Still Tops Cyber Crime.

12/05/12: Costs From Deaths and Injuries Due To Motorcycle Crashes Were $16 Billion in

12/04/12: Macy’s Parade Stuffed with Documents Containing Identity and Security

12/03/12: Explosive Growth in the Theft of Kids’ Identities.

12/01/12: Identity Theft Has Gone

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