I would highly recommend Mrs. Shelly Wood for counsel and representation. If I had started this process with Mrs. Wood from the beginning, then I could have avoided several years of financial and emotional turmoil and my kids would have found stability much sooner.


After completing my final overseas assignment and nearing retirement from the Navy, my marriage was in decline and had passed the point of no return, even after multiple sessions of family counseling.

I had gone through two previous lawyers and the futility of mediation; not yet having retired, my active duty status was constantly used against me throughout the entire process. I was left with almost no visitation with my three children, and nearly no prospect of increasing visitation after the final decree was entered. When I finally got back on my feet after the financial ruin of the divorce process, I was able to move back to the school districts of the marital home, and was in a better position to support the kids’ school routine. I knew the process of changing custody/visitation would not be easy, and from experience with the previous lawyers, that if I didn’t find good representation that I would be throwing away a lot of money for absolutely nothing.

I asked all the people that I knew that had lived in the HR area for decades, and Parks Zeigler was the name most repeated. At the consultation with the firm, I was recommended to Shelly because the case would be heard in Chesapeake and her office is conveniently located across from the courthouse which exponentially adds to efficiency and reduces fees.

Shelly was professional and direct; she questioned my motives by challenging me in the same manner that opposing counsel repeatedly did. This both ensured that she was arguing my personal interests, but also prepared me for the inevitable speaking rolls that lay ahead in courtrooms that can make or break the entire case. The custody case, due to retaliatory efforts by the opposition, led to several other cases.

Mrs. Wood handled each of these flawlessly. She didn’t sugar coat anything and never gave false promises. If she felt that pursuing a particular avenue would be more costly than its return, she made that clear from the beginning. I have since had property returned that was previously withheld, equal legal and physical custody of my children, and appropriately adjusted child support: which equals quality time with my children and the ability to provide for them.

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